Make your own Music!

In school you have been busy practicing your flutes, trumpets & clarinets with the Music department (hopefully we can embed some of your music soon – ask Mr Smart & Mr Howe if it is possible!). If you want to compose or make your own Music, here are a couple of sites for you…:

  1. Piano Etudes: seems pretty complicated BUT you can produce some great professional sounding Music!
  2. Jango: I’ve already shared this one with you – AMAZING site where you can make your own radio station AND share with others! Here is a radio station that I quickly put together inspired by Coldplay and others…!
  3. mp3 cutter: a great way to cut clips from songs especially if you have presentations to do for school projects…!! 🙂
  4. drumbot: useful if you are a drummer or guitarist or if you want background drums while playing another instrument!
  5. television tunes: find and download almost any TV theme tune…
  6. Jamstudio: a great way to compose your own music online!
  7. Make Music: a more kid-friendly site by TVOkids

Try them out and share them with the class by sending your creations to…! ALSO – share any other cool Music related sites by commenting below! 🙂

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  1. i LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE JANGO but i think you should hear what
    ever you want oh well 🙂
    LOL 😉

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